Childbirth is no walk in the park, as anyone who has endured it will confess, but if you ask some Nigerian men, they’ll swear it’s as easy as passing gas.

So, since Nigerian men seem to know so much about giving birth, we think it is time women passed the baton to them, and we’ve listed seven reason why men should consider taking it.

1. It’s the ultimate sign of love

What better way to show your woman you love her than getting pregnant and giving her beautiful babies that will almost definitely look more like her than they do you. Then to top it off, let the child take her last name like you weren’t involved at all. Isn’t that so romantic?

2. No issues of paternity fraud

Based on statistics that Nigerian men constantly pull out of their asses, it’s been said that Nigeria has the largest cases of paternity fraud in the world. If men carry the babies, they would never have to worry about who the real father of the baby is. Problem solved.

3. Another chance to show off your strength

Nigerian men pride themselves in being hyper-masculine, and strength is the ultimate sign of masculinity. We all know women exaggerate just how painful childbirth is, so this would be a perfect opportunity to show women just how strong you are compared to them.

4. They can make good use of all that pushiness

Since Nigerian men have spent their entire lives perfecting the art of being incredibly pushy, they should have no issues pushing a whole baby out of whichever hole they see fit. 

5. Men snapback faster than women

We all know that women who don’t lose the pregnancy weight right there on the delivery table are just lazy. Thankfully, a man would never let himself go like that. The snapback would be instant, making it impossible for your woman to be tempted to cheat on you. 

6. Women will finally shut up

Women are always complaining about simple things like breastfeeding, morning sickness, hormonal changes and the rest. Once men take on these things with the ease they take on everything else, women will finally see that they were just exaggerating.

7. Less temptation to cheat

If Nigerian men got pregnant, they would cheat less. We all know the reason Nigerian wives never cheat (yes, quote us) is because they’re out of commission 9 months in a row. If Nigerian men took on that burden, they wouldn’t have time to cheat or maintain two families.

Lie that we are not making sense. 



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