There are hair struggles, and then there are natural hair struggles. And make no mistake the both struggles are in entirely different categories. As a matter of fact natural hair put the “struggles” in hair struggles.

If you’re a naturalista then you most likely have learnt to live with the paint points on this list.

1. The stress of wash days.

Not to brag but you will loose significant calories on your way to finishing your natural day wash day routine. A natural hair wash day is like an entire marathon pressed into one day but without the spectators to cheer you on. Natural hair will stress you.

2. Expensive products

And then there is the expensive hole natural hair products cost will drill in your pocket. You can DIY it but you will most likely end up with raw egg with a side of banana flakes in your hair.

3. Disappointing length checks

Length checks are one of the highlights of being a naturalista. They are like the checkmate against constant round the clock shrinkage. Some sort of coping mechanism to remind yourself that even though your hair looks stunted, it is still growing. But half the time they are disappointing. You go in thinking if you tug your 1 year and 2 months old hair long enough it will stretch past your lips at least but all it goes past is your nose.

4. Headaches from high puffs

High puffs on natural hair always looks effortlessly fabulous. But make no mistake, your skull will feel all the effort you put into it and it will translate that effort into a headache. And maybe even routine migraines.

5. DIY styling stress.

And it doesn’t help that the Youtube tutorials always find a way to make it seem like the styling will be simple. Two minutes into the routine and they would have listed 3 items you don’t even have in your kit. Natural hair will definitely stress you.

6. Hair dressers who know nothing about handling natural hair.

This is probably the most annoying. Hairdressers know nothing about handling natural hair and they are sometimes not even interested in learning. All they want to do is tug your head left right and be done with you so they can move on to he next customer.

7. Painful combing.

zikoko- natural hair struggles

Don’t do it sis. Just don’t.

8. Shrinkage.

zikoko- natural hair struggles

The hair is long but it’s always shy. People see you and give you pity stares because how can your 2 year old hair be looking like secondary school low cut? They don’t know what is really going on and your hair is too humble to tell them.

Did we list all the struggles? Which do you find to be the most annoying? Tell us in the comments.

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