The fact that you can no longer remember the pain of being dropped on your head doesn’t mean you might not be living with long term side effects. You’ll know by some of your actions whether or not you were dropped on your head as a child. 

Here are a few clear signs.

1. You like drama.

You either start the drama or get drawn to it. Everyone knows you live for some sort of commotion. It’s part of the follow come with being dropped on your head.

2. You like to date questionable people.

Your friends and family have all given up on fixing you and advising you. You enjoy dating people who give you headaches. What others see as red flags, you see as roses. 

3. You enjoy making morbid jokes.

Everyone knows you for being notorious for making morbid jokes and not knowing when to read the room. You can read every other thing asides from a room that’s uncomfortable with the jokes you are making. 

4. You never practise what you preach.

It’s a little shocking that you even preach. You often go as far as giving good advice, but it’s impossible for you to take your own advice. Everyone comes to go for advice even though they know you have small skoin-skoin.

5. You live your life like you have a spare one at home.

Maybe you have a spare one at home. Who knows? If you could survive something as severe as being dropped on your head as a child, it’s obvious you have many extra lives to play with. 

6. You are not as rich as Dangote, but you spend more money than he does. 

Oh, in this case, you fell on your head as a child and also as an adult. You are irredeemable. 

7. You deliberately voted for Bubu.

Look around you, are you proud of that decision? If your answer is yes, it’s obvious you fell on your head again as an adult. 

8. You litter and throw things out of moving vehicles.

You are one inch away from being in the same category with people who fell again as adults. Why are you littering the place? Do you not have home training or manner? Let’s blame your behaviour on that bad fall. 



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