They say the best things in life are free. And in our opinion, money is one of these things. So here are some tips on how to make money without necessarily working for it. 

Participate in giveaways 

With so much money to be won online, we wonder why you’d choose to suffer at any job. Some people already make a living this way. Better join the train. 

We await the good news: How To Win Don Jazzy’s Giveaways

Get married

Or at least, say you’re getting married. Do you know how much people pay for asoebi? When you tell them the wedding got cancelled, they’d pity you too much to ask for a refund. 

Become a sugar baby

All you have to do is go to the right places and meet the right people. You might still have to ‘work’, but at least it’s the good kind. 

Here’s how: 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Get a Glucose Guardian 

Start a pyramid scheme

Get two people to bring two people who’d bring another two. Nothing lasts forever, so they won’t be surprised when you say it crashed. 

Be the last born

Everyone knows the only thing last-borns are good at is eating, sleeping and billing their older siblings for money they neither earned nor worked for. 

Become a Nigerian politician 

Talk about eating a piece of the national cake! 

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Sell your body

No, not in the way you think… even though that could work too. Your body is a goldmine; you should be cashing out already. Whether it’s selling your eggs, sperm, blood, or organs, you’re sure to make a large sum. 

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