You already know that Don Jazzy is the king of social media giveaways. If you don’t, then it’s either you’re inactive on social media or you don’t like good things.

Another thing you should know is that Zikoko is always here for you and because of that, we’ll show you how to win Don Jazzy’s money:

1. Add your Abeg username to your Twitter bio

If you still don’t have an Abeg account, it’s like you’re not serious. Do you expect Don Jazzy to come to your DM and ask for your account number? Please do the needful and if you’re feeling extra generous add our Abeg username (e.g. @zikokomag) to your other social media bios.

2. Comment your Vbank account number under all his tweets

You want Don Jazzy to send you money and you don’t have a Vbank account? Must be some kind of joke. What if he doesn’t feel like sending money on Abeg that day? Who will you tell your story?

3. Become Ayra Starr’s biggest fan

Don Jazzy is always hyping her so if you join him in the hyping, you’ll make this thing easier for yourself. Anywhere you hear “vibe killer“, just start dancing and tell someone to film you. Post the video on Twitter and tag everybody that needs to be tagged.

4. Become Johnny Drille’s biggest fan

Go and stream his album and take screenshots of each song. Then, every hour, post a screenshot with a caption that shows you’re enjoying his songs. Don’t forget to make sure Don Jazzy and his whole family sees your tweets.

5. Add “Don Jazzy” to your Twitter display name

Whether it’s “Don Jazzy’s Side Chick” or “I LOVE DON JAZZY” just find a way to insert his name there. It will definitely stand you out and increase your chances of being helped.

6. Sprinkle a little desperation

By desperation, we don’t mean you should go and disgrace yourself in Don Jazzy’s DM because if you mess up and he blocks you, the show is over for you. Be desperate on the TL. Mention Don Jazzy everywhere and he will notice you.

7. Laugh at all of Don Jazzy’s tweets

Even if you don’t find it funny go there and laugh. Flood those tweets with laughing emojis. You never know, one day Don Jazzy might be in a good mood and he’ll decide to help your life. Don’t go and mistakenly laugh at a sensitive tweet sha. We’ll just deny you.

8. Fight him

If everything else fails, you can pick a fight with Don Jazzy on the TL. The disadvantage of this is that you probably won’t win any money but what’s that thing they say about when the going gets tough?

Disclaimer: Whatever you see while following these steps, collect it with your chest and don’t involve us (except that part about adding our Abeg tag). Love and light!



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