Nigerian owambe‘s are always a vibe. They are the classic cocktail of music, people, and party Jollof. If you’re lucky you meet your future husband/wife at one. If you’re unlucky you run into your ex with their new bae/boo. But hey, no pressure. Asides the ex’s and the next’s there is another special demographic of owambe attendees we would like to recognize today- our precious Nigerian aunties.

You have definitely met one of the Nigerian aunties on this list if you have been attending owambes for a while. If you haven’t met any then you have not been attending Nigerian owambe’s, don’t argue plix.

1. The ones that will end up fighting for souvenirs.

zikoko- Nigerian Aunties

You see them and you think they came to celebrate with the couple like everyone else. But they manifest their real purpose when the souvenirs start going around.

2. The ones that will ask you when you will marry.

zikoko- Nigerian Aunties

The busy body ones. And they also do well to add a mini-lecture on why marriage is good and how your time is going.

3. The ones that become your food and drinks plug.

zikoko- Nigerian Aunties

And the almighty God will bless them for their selfless service.

4. The ones that came to gather amebo
facts and figures.

zikoko- Nigerian Aunties

These ones have been hearing and spreading all sorts about the couple so they just came to fact check and gather more amebo data. They came for the jollof too.

5. The ones that will scatter the dance floor.

A.k.a the life of the party. They’ve got moves and they came to prove it.

6. The ones that came to slay.

They have their makeup on fleek with their gele looking like something a machine tied. Their outfit also looking like they are hitting the red carpet next.

7. Some might even dash you money

And may the almighty God bless, keep them for us and keep helping us bump into them at parties.

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