Friends are fun, friends are the vibe, friends are one of the beautiful things that make adulting fun. But sometimes friends are toxic, and because it’s not a relationship where you are always alert and looking out for signs of toxicity you might miss out on it. Here are 7 subtle ways friends can be toxic.

1. Subtle bodyshamming 

zikoko- toxic friends

Talmabout “you are now far o”, “where you dey fat dey go?”, “You will soon burst”. How is that the frist

2. Borrow money from you and not pay back.

zikoko- toxic friends

And when you call them out on it they guilt trip you into thinking you are being disrespectful and you’re making a big deal over a little amount of Money.

3. Buy things from you on credit but pay in full when buying from other businesses.

zikoko- toxic friends

When they keep treating your business like its some hobby you just cultivated.

4. Subtly talk down on you and coat is as a joke. 

And then make it seem like you’re being too sensitive when you take offense. And we don’t mean the usual “big head” bands. We’re talking emotionally hurting missiles that really hurt.

5. Talk down on the people you date.

And call it bants. They always find faults in your partner and even diss the things your partner does for you. But they tag it bants and normal friend gists so you can’t really take offense.

6. Gossip

They talk more about you behind your back than they do to your face. When you all them out they say you can’t handle criticism. Don’t let them take you fi idiat dears, any criticism done behind your back is gossip. Call it what it is.

7. Always off duty when you need support. 

But expect you to always come through on every SOS they raise.

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