Nigerians like to joke about having the protection and grace brought about by their mother’s prayers for them,  even though they’re constantly out doing things that could cancel out the prayers. If your mother prays for you but your life is still a colossal shit show, here are 7 probable reasons why her prayers aren’t working 

1. You eat ass

How can your mother’s prayers work for you when you’re vacuuming people’s anal cavities with your tongue? She is praying on her knees, and you’re on your knees defeating the prayers by tossing salads. Do better.

2 . You are bad vibes

That’s the tweet. It’s like the prayers try to find their way to you but all your bad vibes chase them away. Boya you will try to be better. 

3 . You don’t eat semo

Only uncultured people don’t like semo and being uncultured can hinder blessings. We’d know. We are the culture. Eat semo today so your mother’s prayers will start working. 

4 . You fight bus conductors

While your mother is busy praying for that promotion you so crave , you’re busy fighting with a conductor that will call her an ashawo just because you forgot to enter with your change.

5 . You’re in the streets moving mad

If we could do elections on the streets, you’d probably be the president. You’re serving other women’s children breakfast every two market days. How will your mother’s prayers work when Sade, Tunde and Kemi have all sworn for you in one month? 

6. You haven’t given her grandchildren yet 

I mean, you have just one job! Grown and independent, all the poor woman wants from you is grandbabies, but you’re still doing what I don’t know in the streets. Okay na. Y’all be easy. 

7. You have coconut head

There is only so much her prayers can do tbh. Your mother’s prayers are not working because while she is busy praying for your safety, you’re there skydiving in Nigeria. All the very best.  

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