We recently stumbled upon a secret ancient book of Nigerian women’s secrets that has been passed down from generation to generation. The book contained the guide to being a wicked Nigerian woman, a stubborn Nigerian woman, and so much more. But one thing that attracted us was the chapter that contained the guide to shooting shots as a Nigerian woman.

See what we have come to discover:

1. With this emoji: 👀

If you post a picture of yourself and a woman replies or comments with the eyes looking emoji, just go and buy a ring and propose to her because in her head what the emoji should communicate to you is, “Hey. I like you. Let’s be dating. Let’s marry and have children. This is me proclaiming my love to you from the rooftops. Can’t you hear me?”

We’re sorry to break it to you, but if you’ve ever ignored a woman that sent you this, 👀, you’ve just missed a wife.

2. By liking 3 of your pictures at once

This one is not considered shooting of shots o. This one is a mating call. Trust us on this one; a woman cannot mistakenly like 3 of your photos at once. If that happens, she is telling you something. DM her to find out. She might claim it was a mistake, but remember, it can never have been a mistake.

3. “Hope your girlfriend will not fight me o”

Once you hear a Nigerian woman saying, “I don’t want your girlfriend to break my head o”, when she doesn’t know if you have a girlfriend or not, she’s shooting her shot. The next thing you say will determine how the rest of the conversation and relationship will go. If you say you say something like, “Haha, what girlfriend?”, she’ll sudden;y become extremely happy. But if you confirm that you have a girlfriend, she’ll suddenly become sad and make up an excuse to leave— if she’s not wicked. Wicked women will steal you from your girlfriend.

4. By calling you big head

Nigerian women are violent with their love. Once they start insulting you, just know that they love you.

5. By laughing at your jokes

Someone should tell Nigerian women that jokes are, by their nature, funny, and if executed right, should provoke laughter. So why is it that they expect that once they’ve laughed at your joke, you must know that they’re in love with you? Why?

6. By asking if you’ve eaten

Yes, Anita, for the seventh time today, I have eaten. Is there anything else you want to tell me?

7. By expecting you to read their minds

Nigerian women believe in telekinesis, and there’s nothing you can say to change our minds.

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