Now that your salary has finished one week after you’ve collected it, you’ll need to stretch your last ₦5k until the next salary week. We’ve compiled a list of seven foods you can eat while you count the days. 


If it’s good enough for the gods, it’s good enough for you. 

Food in your dreams 

Dream food is always delicious and it leaves you feeling full. The only downside is your destiny might be at risk, according to those street prophets, but na person wey dey alive fit get destiny. 

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National Cake

They’ve been eating from the national cake since before you were born. Now that your salary has finished, try to find where they’re sharing it. 

The forbidden fruit 

This one is easy because nobody else wants to eat what’s forbidden. 

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Food in television ads 

Look for any of those companies that make spices and condiments for food and volunteer to help them clean up the set after they’re done cooking for the camera. That’s free and delicious food.


Gather all the foods in your house and turn it into a meal. Garri and ketchup can slap if you put your mind to it. 


You can drink your tears to satisfy your hunger now that you’re broke. Whenever you’re hungry, look at your account balance and weep. 

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