Yes, we know your pastor, mother, imam and secondary school teachers have all warned you that no matter what you do in your dreams, you should never eat. But there are some foods you just don’t refuse. Like the ones we’ve listed below. 

Pounded yam

Image Source: Desire Recipes

Your spirit wife took time to pound yam for you and you want to reject it? It’s giving misogyny and underappreciation of women. Do better, bestie. Open your mouth and eat. No need to wash your hands. 


Image Source: All Nigerian Foods

Receiving Indomie in your dream is a sign that the palliatives of life won’t be hoarded from you. Rejoice. 


Image Source: Culture Custodian

Only someone who doesn’t buy their own foodstuff will reject bread in their dream. Have you seen the prices of bread these days? Something you can’t afford in real life, you want to reject in your dream. 


Image Source: Zainab Balogun

If you’re avoiding semo in real life and it comes to meet you in the dream, then maybe the universe is saying your really should try it out. Who knows? It could be the secret to unlocking your wealthy destiny. 


You’re short in real life, but you don’t want to collect beans in your dream? Okay o. They said opportunity comes but once but e be like say you no want opportunity. Next thing, you’ll go on Twitter and say they’re calling you short. 


Image Source: The Clever Meal

If it’s the type of pasta you eat from your local bukka, reject that shit. But if it’s creamy pasta, please jump on it. This is your one chance to see what Lagos babes are seeing in the food. 


Image Source: Inside Business NG

God forbid. Amala should simply never be rejected. It’s the GOAT swallow.

Ghanaian jollof

You should only be able to try such a meal in your dream. Don’t use your real-life tongue to touch it, please. 

Your partner

I didn’t say anything o. 

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