Yes, we know we’ve said it before that Nigerian men are the sweetest and we’ve even told you why you have to date them. But in this article, we’re going to tell you how to break free from the demonic hold of Nigerian men. 

1. Break an egg

That egg represents your relationship with him. Break the egg and blend the shells so they’ll be nothing left of the egg and the relationship.

2. Become a demon

If you can’t beat them, join them. Both of you are going to fight till the finish for who can be more demonic. Make sure you win the fight sha because we can’t tell you what’s going to happen if you don’t win. 

3. Jump whenever you’re around him

They can’t hold you down if you’re always jumping. It’s a good workout for both of you even if they try to catch you and hold you. By the time you’re done jumping around him, you’d have enough experience to join the Nigerian long jump team at the next Olympics.

4. Meet a Nigerian woman

There’s a chance you might be going from frying pan to fire, but you’ll sha be free from the demonic hold of that man that has been stressing your life. The demonic hold of a Nigerian woman is a different ball game. Good luck in advance. 

5. Ask an Igbo woman for help

This is a better option for you if women aren’t your cup of tea. An Igbo woman is going to have better solutions for you than anything we can provide for you. You’ll be back to your senses after having a conversation with her. 

After God, fear Igbo women

6. Break whatever connects him to you

It could be your house, the road to your house or your phone. Break anything that connects both of you. Make sure he has no way to reach or find you. If you can find his heart too, make sure you break it. 

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