If you date Nigerian men, here are some of the kinds you might enter into a relationship with or have already been in a relationship with.

1) Oedipus complex

This kind of man only dates women who look like, talk like and act like his mother. Whenever you hang out, he brings his mother into every single conversation. You can even turn it into a drinking game. Every time he mentions his mother, drink. You should have alcohol poisoning by the end of the day. These ones take mama’s boy to a whole new level. If they want to marry their mother, they should just say so.

2) “Intellectual”

They feel they are smarter than you because they are interested in science and politics. They turn dates into “Who wants to be a millionaire” by asking very boring questions about topics you have no interest in. One thing they believe is that your inability to answer their questions make you stupid. Forgetting that people like what they like. They are usually narcissists and might sometimes refer to themselves as sapiosexuals.

3) Misogyny Mike

He wants a traditional wife and instead of getting one, will go after independent women in a bid to “break” them. He will take every opportunity presented to him to demean women. They are in love with gender roles, and this is not just limited to heterosexual relationships. Misogyny Mikes can be found in gay relationships as well.

4) Mr Not-So-Nice Guy

They claim to be good guys, but they are actually very manipulative. They gaslight you to the point you feel you are losing your mind.

5) Still in love with their ex

He’s probably with you because he is trying to get over his ex that broke his heart four years ago. He still has their picture in his wallet, and if you have children together, might name your children after the ex.

6) Perveted Peter

Every single chance to make a conversation weirdly sexual, he takes it. Perverted Peters will make you uncomfortable with their comments and tell you you’re being too prudish when you speak up. They act like sex is the best thing since sliced bread.

7) The little bit married ones

At some point in your life, you might date a married Nigerian man. You may not have wanted to be a side chick, and thought you were the only one in his life. He just forgot to tell you he’s a little bit married. Don’t blame him, he was shy. His wife and children skipped his mind.

8) Too good to be true

There will always be a guy that seems maybe just a little bit too good to be true. He is everything you had ever wanted and although his head might not be correct sometimes, he takes time out to learn. When this kind of person shows up, just hold him tight because everyone in the Nigerian dating scene is not okay.



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