The person that said “awoof dey turn belle” knew exactly what he was talking about. And to prove it here are 5 ways awoof will cost you more money than you bargained for.

1. Free wifi.

zikoko - Awoof

Whether in public places or if you are stealing from your neighbour, connecting to free wifi leaves you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. You are putting yourself at a risk of being hacked, and have your information intercepted. Information like login details and password. So basically while you are tapping into someone’s wifi for free data, someone else could be tapping into your bank account for free money. See why you need to buy and use your own data?

2. Dropping your account number on social media comment sections for giveaways.

zikoko - Awoof

You may win the giveaway but you would have also exposed your account details to random people. These people could use it for whatever they want like collecting money for internet scams which could make the bank start monitoring your account. So even if you got free 5k, you’ll still add free wahala to the list.

3. Or “miracle” alerts.

zikoko - Awoof

A.k.a Money entering your account from “nowhere”. First of all, money never comes from nowhere. I know that for a fact because I have been willing it to happen to me and it never did, not even once. So when you get an alert for money you were not expecting whose origin you know nothing of, what you should do is report it to the bank, not give a testimony about it at church. The money obviously came from somewhere, and if you don’t give it back, you would have stolen it and thus be treated like a thief.

4. Pyramid schemes

A.k.a Get rich quick schemes. A quick flashback to MMM and LOOM. Both pyramid schemes made Nigerians a lot of money at first but that also eventually crashed while holding on to a lot of their money.

5. Buying cheap variations of stuff.

Which will most likely end in a “What I ordered vs What I received” scenario. Spend your money on the real thing or leave your money in your pocket fam.


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