Do us a favor and send this list to as many Nigerians as possible, the revolution is on now. Signed by every annoyed Nigerian.

1. Calling and expecting people to just know who it is.

Stop ittttt. This may come as a surprise but no one has your phone number crammed. We used that memory energy to cram our account number and our parent’s phone numbers. And secondly, your voice is not exactly a reminder. Call and introduce yourself like a reasonable human being.

2. Video calling out of the blues.

zikoko - Simple Phone Manners

Stop it please. First of all, we may not even be in the mood to see your face, and second do you know where we are or what we are doing? Stop itttt.

3. Peeping into people’s phones when in public.

zikoko - Simple Phone Manners

Did you keep something there?

4. When people give you their phone to view a picture don’t assume partial ownership and start swiping to other things.

zikoko - Simple Phone Manners

Be reasonable and give the phone back after viewing what you were asked to view.


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