NB: The writer of this article does not claim expertise on personality traits and the psychology behind them. Hence, the contents therein should be digested with a grain of salt and a funny hat on.

Is there someone you have your eyes on romantically, but are not quite sure what they’re all about beyond the exterior they put up? For all you know they may be out to take you fi idiat or sell you for a plate of food.

Well, you can uncover their true colour with these 14 tips, before they cover your eyes with a thick wrapper.

1. Through their playlist

This step is very important. Casually ask to listen to their playlist and keep your ears open for artists and genres that don’t just sit right with your spirit.

2. Through the food combinations they eat

There are food combinations that are common with serial killers and cultists. If they happen to eat any of them, then you should japa.

3. Through the books they read

Before someone can commit to reading a full book, it has to interest them or serve a purpose to a large extent. If you see a title like, How To Do Money Ritual In A Way That Pleases God, you should know the person’s colour has comma.

4. The shape of their head

For this to be effective, look at their head from the back. Sorry, but if it’s like a mango, coconut or pear, their true colours won’t be so pretty.

5. How they act in bed

After all is said and done, sex can be a good way to watch out for the different shades of a person’s true colour. If they lie like a log of wood and let you do all the work, then their true colour might scream SELFISH.

6. Visit them unannounced

The more you inform them of your visit, the more time they have to change their colour to what you want to see. Surprise them and see if they’re still the same. Don’t call Zikoko of they air your knocks sha.

7. Through their friends

Remember the old saying, “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”? Bingo.

8. Set a trap for them

If they’ve been pretending all along, a trap is the best way to catch them red-handed. Ensure you tread cautiously though, as this could backfire.

9. Observe the colour of their clothes

If anytime you see them, they’re putting on all black or red, my brother or sister, that should tell you something.

10. Through finances

Some people are experts at hiding their true gold-digging colours, but money can expose them. The minute they think you are rich-rich or broke, it’ll begin to manifest.

11. Take them on dates

Instead of a fancy restaurants or joints, go on uncommon dates that can uncover their true colour. One good place to try is big markets. You just might discover that they’re low-key touts.

12. Show them your true colour first

This is a classic example of leading by example. Do away with everything you know deep down doesn’t reflect your true colour. Who knows, they might follow suit and make your investigation easier.

13. Say “NO” to them

If you’ve been saying “yes” to all their suggestions and requests, stop it now. Try “no” for a change and see if they’ll still be sweet and agreeable.

14. Ask them

Hear me out. You can ask them if all else fails. It might sound counterproductive, but if you don’t ask, how will you know? The worst they can do is lie. Here are some questions to guide you.



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