Life is too short to be with someone who doesn’t love you. If you are dating any woman and she is manifesting any of these signs, please just break-up with her.

1. She calls you by your government name.

If she does this, it is a clear sign that she cannot be bothered by you or by the relationship. Break up with her today and this babe will find another lover in two days. Take it from us.

2. She calls you affectionate pet names like “Baby”

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It’s not that she loves you, she is just calling you these names to mock you. Imagine you, a 28-year-old man, being referred to as “Baby.” Is she trying to tell you that you act like a child? If she refers to you as “Sweetheart,” what she means is that you don’t have a strong heart. That babe is probably dating a cultist and you are the side penis.

3. She does not post you on social media.

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Just forget it: that woman is ashamed to be seen with you. You embarrass her. She probably said yes to a relationship with you because she pities you.

4. She posts you on social media.

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Ah, she is clearly offering you to be snatched by the other women! Each time she posts you, her intention is, “Come and snatch this man from me, please. I am tired.” It’s almost like she’s auctioning you to the fastest fingers.

5. She is eager to visit you at home.

Hm, she does not want to spend money on you, that’s why she’s settling for that. You think if she loves you and wants to spend on you, she would not be taking you to places? Women are smart oh.

6. She doesn’t like visiting you at home.

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In other words, you are no match for her, house-wise. You don’t believe us? Break-up with her and you’ll see her fall in love with a real estate agent.

7. She gives you head.

Hian. This one is just looking for an opportunity to bite your penis and injure you so you can break up with her. That woman does not love you. Watch how eager she is when you ask for head, and you will see that there is something scary about her excitement. How can someone be excited to put penis in their mouth, if it’s not to bite and injure the carrier of the penis?

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8. She doesn’t give you head.

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This one is trying to get you to break up with her. Once you have asked her for head like 3 times and she refuses, she knows the next thing would be you breaking up with her or cheating on her with someone who gives head. The end result is that she’ll be free of you.

9. She cooks for you.

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One word: POISON. Run oh.

10. She doesn’t cook for you.

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What is the best way to show love if not through intense labouring in the kitchen? If she refuses to labour for your affection, abeg dump her. DUMP HER. That babe does not love you.

11. She celebrates you on special anniversaries.

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She’s clearly showing you that she is the kind of woman who does not forget anything, which means she is keeping all record of your wrongs, even the ones she says she has forgiven you for. That kind of woman will not hesitate to list all of your crimes when you commit another. Better break up now. Love keeps no record of wrongs.

12. She doesn’t even know that there’s an anniversary for men.

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National Boyfriend’s Day, she did not celebrate you. International Men’s Day, she did not praise you. Children’s Day, she did not buy you gift. See ehn, just go your separate ways. You could die and this woman would be out partying and minding her own business.



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