Dating is like going shopping, everybody does it with a mental list. We asked 12 Nigerians what they have on their list and here’s what they told us;

zikoko- Nigerians Talk About Their Spec

Marycollette / 28 / Female / Straight – “I am about to say looks don’t matter but I don’t want my future kids to swear for me”.

My spec has to be a man who has sense and is enterprising. Not sense in the bookish or oversabi manner, but knowledgable enough for me not to be the smartest in the duo. I am about to say looks don’t matter but I don’t want my future kids to swear for me. He mustn’t look like he was brought out of a magazine cover, he should at least have a good dress sense, be awesomely built and have beards.

Benji/ 24/ Male / Straight – “Someone that makes her own money”.

Someone that has a paying job or makes her own money, can take a non-offensive joke, doesn’t live by the cuddle, and can have a conversation on about anything. People who earn their own money understand the value of money better.

Marline / 27 / Female / Straight – “Money”.

Money. Money is my spec.

zikoko- Nigerians Talk About Their Spec

Doyin / 30 / Male / Straight– “I like thick girls”.

I like girls, I like thick girls, girls with ass, thighs. Just thick and feminine girls. I don’t really bone to bone to girls being skinny, I like them fleshy. Not plus size but thick. And I don’t like tall girls, I like petite girls with a curvy frame. And for the emotional specs, as long as we vibe I’m cool. And if I can accept your flaws or downsides like nagging, or the things you like, or if you’re in for something serious or you just want to have fun. I don’t really care for skin color, as long as the person is my spec.

Chinenye / 22 / Female/ Straight– “He should be supportive and caring”.

He should be tall because i am not so tall myself. He should be, muscular, or maybe not but should have a good body stature, should be good looking too. He should be supportive and caring, for me that’s the first thing, to just genuinely care for me. Then God-fearing and well mannered enough to treat other people well. And then has to have money or a good job or business. Even if he doesn’t have money he should have something he is doing that is promising. Has to be sexy, has to have sex appeal, somebody that is not boring on the bed and every other place. And he should be someone that pays attention. By attention, I mean attention to detail, to things that I say. I like people that pay attention to me, the small things like he knows when I need help with a bag I am carrying or with my hair or something.

Iveren/ 23 / Female / Straight – “Financially sound, emotionally Ok, spiritually safe”.

I like good looking guys, I know people say beauty is not everything but I like my man to be handsome. But at the same time, I don’t like vain men. He should have his shit together, good job, financially sound, emotionally Ok, spiritually safe too because I cannot come and be hosting vigils for problems whose origin I know not of. It’s a baby girl like I signed up for, please.

Oni / 31 / Male / Straight – “I like pretty ladies with good shape”.

As in mental traits, I love smart with who have a mature sense of understanding because it makes no sense to always chew and explain everything. I have a weakness for compassionate women who genuinely care. On physical traits, I’m not a fan of big boobs so I like me average beasts and if something must be big, let it be the ass. I like pretty ladies with good shape.

Precious / 22 / Female / Straight – “I don’t like tall guys”.

Smart, very smart with a nice sense of humor and speaks fluent sarcasm. Should be light-skinned (not too fair sha). A little bit taller than me, not too tall because I don’t like tall guys. Should be Igbo too and should be a patient somebody. I like guys that are blunt and straight forward and should be a friend, like someone I’ve known for a while.

Busuyi / 23 / Male / Straight – “The thicker the better”.

Dark skinned, not skinny, the thicker the better. With a good sense of humor, loves good music and arts.

Chucks / 27 / Male / Straight – “I get naturally attracted to dark ladies”

Unlike most people, I actually don’t have a spec. Little things can make me like someone and when I do, I don’t care how you look. It could be the eyes, the lips, the hair, fingers, smile, dentition. Though, I get naturally attracted to dark ladies or brown-skinned if you like.

Omalicha / 29 / Female / Straight – “Nice looking, beard-gang, comfortable financially, kind, smart, HONEST”

 My spec in a man is a bit on the complicated side and kinda cuts across vain, behavior, and intellectual aspects. For instance, I can fall for an ugly man with lit-up humor and a true feminist. I can also fall for that tall beard-gang hot cup of chocolate looking man with not that much lit up sense of humor as long as he is a feminist too. What I am saying in essence is that my spec isn’t just one, it can be anything depending on who I am opportune to meet. But in an ideal world, my spec in a man is a man that’s tall, good looking with a nice looking beard-gang, comfortable financially, kind, smart, HONEST, fun to be with, not a patriarchy king, not toxic, not uptight cause I am a free bird and most definitely not a drama king cause I can’t deal.

Dum / 31 / Male / Straight – She must know Maths o, cos she gotta teach our kids mathematics

My spec in a woman is a lot O. I love my women thick, not fat o. With all them curves, light-skinned or dark-skinned, I don’t mind. With a good career, simple and classy. Calm and unassuming. Good taste in music, ambitious, daring, and spontaneous. She must know maths O, cos she gotta teach our kids Mathematics I no sabi Maths at all.

Did you find your spec on this list?

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