The regular dating pool is a mess and all the people in it are various levels of terrible. But that is nothing compared to the gutter that is dating creatives.  If you need a reason why you shouldn’t date a creative, here are 11.

1. They are either overdressed or underdressed 

Or sometimes, a weird mix of both. These people are very mannerless. You can’t tell if they are running late for an 8 a.m. work meeting or a beach day with friends. They are always dressed wrong for every occasion, except when they want to upstage their “enemies.” My dear, burn those cargo pants today and just be ready to be single.

2. They will break your heart into a million pieces

For example, if you have the misfortune of dating a poet, you need to go for deliverance and book therapy sessions ahead. You were probably thinking that they will write you cute poetry every morning, but what you will get is a beautifully written break-up letter that will destroy you forever.

3. You’ll hardly have anything in common 

I know this sounds like a bad thing but it’s not. If you are committed to dating a creative person, not having anything in common is good but only for them. They get to spend hours talking about the stuff they like. Like convincing you that you’ll like some terribly made movie they think is groundbreaking

4. Anything you say will end up in their book 

Or whatever piece of media they eventually put out. If you have decided to date a writer, I pity you sha. You think your partner is attentive because they listen to you rant and ask questions but the truth is they are simply taking notes in their head for when you two inevitably break up and they use you as a villain in their book. 

5. They are unnecessarily petty 

You can’t argue with your musician boyfriend because the next thing you know, he has used the voice note where you told him that he will never blow for his album intro. Dating a creative is a nightmare.

6. They are spontaneous on their own terms

Don’t bother trying to take a cute unawares picture with your photographer partner because If they don’t edit it to perfection how will people know that they are good at their job? At least you’d have good pictures after you break up except they watermark it out of spite.

7. They are overly dramatic

Have you ever told an artist that they put too much pepper in their food? Next thing, they will say that you called their painting ugly.  There is nothing like constructive criticism with them.

8. You are an amusement to them, not their muse

They might be interested in you today, but for how long? Don’t let them sell you dirty lies. It takes a lot to keep these people. Is it even worth it? Break up today for your peace of mind.

9.  You’ll realize that you can’t speak English 

You think you know English, my dear you know nothing. It’s bad enough that they have the creative license to create words, they also know words you’ve never heard of. Do not be swayed by good English. That’s how we got colonized the last time.

10. They spoil everything

You can never enjoy anything artistic with them because they always have notes. The lighting could have been better in that scene. The camera angles are wrong. That song is wrong for that scene and other stories. They will ruin everything you love.

11.  They have terrible vices 

Creatives like to lie to themselves that instead of addictions, what they have are creativity boosters. Meanwhile, they have vices that have vices. Dating a creative is an extreme sport that is not for the weak-minded. Be ready to see them at their worst. 



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