Have you ever wondered what a relationship with a musician is like? Well, these seven Nigerians share what it is like dating musicians.


We met in SS3 and someone told me he liked me. The girls I hung out with told me he was a musician and a cringy one at that, but I don’t know why I thought I could overlook it. I couldn’t. First of all, the songs were ass. He also used to rap with a weird accent. There was a time he sent me a song he was working on and I had to ask my friend how to respond to bad songs, but it was so shit I didn’t even have any okay words to say. It was just bad. My friends from school used to laugh at his music. Please, don’t date SoundCloud rappers! Especially the ones with razz names.


Every day, he used to tell me “I’m working on beats”. He even went awol on me because he went to the studio for 2 days. He had a wig he used for his music persona and my best friends would see the posts on Instagram and ask me what the fuck he was doing. The disgrace. It’s even worse when I remember he broke up with me because he was too busy making beats. How are you making so many beats and you still don’t have money for rent? because of him, I stopped saying could never be me because it really was me. I was dating a Yoruba man in the alte scene who smokes weed, questions the universe, and is also a music producer. It was surely going to end in tears.


They only listen to their music or unreleased music. You can’t just listen to like Burna boy or Rema. It always some people you don’t know. The rappers are the worst. The sex is always top tier, but they have all the sweet lines because they’ve been studying wordplay since secondary school. One told me he wants to touch me emotionally. What he meant was that he wanted to break my heart and mine my emotions for his music. He had a girlfriend and was cheating with me, making me the side chick. When I found out, blocked him. Believe whatever musicians tell you at your own risk. It’s just sweet nothings and lyrics.


We met when we were both in 100 level. He was nice and only wanted to meet at night to makeout. He couldn’t sing, but luckily his mouth was great at other things. His singing was horrible, but I still downloaded SoundCloud because of him. He had these quirks like not drinking cold water because of his voice. I always lied that his music wasn’t rubbish because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.


He was a musician and a poet and was so good to me. He had such a way with words that made me swoon. When we were still together, he would write music and poetry about me and also serenade me. The best part is that he’s actually a good singer.


It’s very intense. I’ve been with artists and it’s not similar. Musicians also always think they have a superior taste in music. It’s almost like they hold a meeting where they’re like; don’t listen to mainstream people, don’t like normal music etc. Then, there’s an artist they want their vibe to be like and is their inspiration when they start out but don’t ever tell them that they sound like that person. It’s very confusing. I think the most underrated people in music production are the partners of musicians.

You develop keen ears whether you want to or not because you’re the one who listens to music they don’t want to send to the guys because it doesn’t feel right yet. You’ll probably have heard the song 50 times before it drops, but you should have the same excitement like it’s your first time hearing it. It’s kinda awkward if your music person doesn’t make music in the genre you like.

You also have to prepare yourself mentally to be their support system while they’re making music, especially upcoming artists. It can be torturous especially if you’re in a not so good place yourself. They have mood swings, get really depressed, will disappear for hours, and might even throw away the song or hate it after you guys have perfected it. It’s alternating between being supportive and being stern. You also have to tell them the truth without hurting their feelings.

The worst one is the inherited beef. Music guys have these occasional fallouts with one another and then out of nowhere, they’re making music together again. You are just left there confused.


He was a somewhat popular musician, so being with him meant invitations to a lot of parties. It was a lifestyle I wish I never was introduced to because it is somewhat intoxicating. Every single time he performed, he made sure I got to come along too. There was a lot of drugs and alcohol involved and I did not really mind. He treated me like a princess and was super sweet and vulnerable with me. It’s just that there came a time I wanted us to slow down. There might come a time you might ask a musician to choose you over their music. It won’t happen. You should understand.

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