Sometimes, people need a little push to leave their places of employment. So here are ten signs you need to leave your job. Don’t say we never did anything for you.

1) No HR

Who is going to protect your rights and fight for a better life for you? If you don’t have HR there’s a lot of shady shit going on and you need to leave before EFCC will come and pack you.

2) Job description in the mud

When you find yourself doing way more things than is listed in your job description, or you don’t even have a job description, it’s time for you to go. They’re not paying you for all that extra work you’re doing, and they’re content with taking advantage of you. This is one of the most important signs that you need to leave your job.

3) Office notifications make you anxious

When the thought of being cced in an email or texted by your boss makes you start sweating buckets, Alaye pack your bags and leave. Office, not war camp.

4) Fornication with your coworkers

If it has gotten to a point where you have slept with at least two of the people you work with, there’s no better time to leave. Not only to avoid see finish, but also because your office is not love island.

5) 13th-month salary

With how hard the economy is, your job isn’t giving you a 13th-month salary? How else will you foster company unity except with dollars and bags of rice?

6) They call staff rockstars

If you work in a place that uses any of the terms “we’re a family”, “our staff are rockstars”, “you are all so special”, you should have started looking for another job after the first meeting.

7) Zero work/life balance

If you constantly have to take work home, or can’t even rest properly because you’re always flooded with task, then you need to reevaluate your situation. Your mats are going to bars but you’re carrying your laptop with you while on your leave because you have a f deadline to meet the next morning? No nau. Even God rested.

8) Constant irritation

Everything about the office irritates you. In fact, things that shouldn’t be irritating you are irritating you. Why is the door black? Why are the windows too low? When you start wondering why your office uses only one kind of toilet paper, it’s maybe time to get another job.

young attractive african American man sitting at home living room working with laptop computer and paperwork looking stressed and desperate maybe studying for exam in education concept

9) Everyone is passive-aggressive

Emails and meetings are filled with subtle jabs and constant passive-aggressiveness. It’s remaining small for the passive-aggressive to be full-blown aggressiveness and your office will turn to a boxing ring. You are not Anthony Joshua. Apply for another job, now!

10) Tears

Does the thought of work make you cry a bit? Have you picked up smoking, drinking or even cocaine so you can go through another workday? If yes, then you need to quit. Your office will not pay for your alcoholics’ anonymous meetings.



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