With the amount of bad publicity pregnancy has received, you’ll wonder why people are still getting pregnant and having kids. Kids are only cute for a short period of time before they start to show their true colours. Here’s a list of reasons why kids are bad vibes:

1.They eat all your food.

They can’t cook, they don’t contribute to anything around the house but they want to eat. They don’t even eat little portions, they eat large portions all the time. Kids spend 18 out of 24hrs eating for people who can’t farm or work. 

2.They spend all your money

From school fees to clothing, to feeding, it’s like they came to this life to finish your money. You can’t buy nice things for yourself without thinking of your child first. They don’t care that Nigeria is bad, they just want to chop your money.

3.They don’t pay rent

They don’t even know what a job is, talk less about paying rent. Kids take over all your life and take all the space in your house without paying a dime. You can’t even send them on errands till they are at least one year old.

4.They keep you up at night

Why don’t kids like to sleep? Serious question. It’s ok if they stay up by themselves, but no, they’ll want you to feed them and play with them. Don’t let those cute little giggles get to you please, avoid kids. 

5.They don’t work but always want to buy things.

First of all, there’s rice at home. The only money they have is the one their grandparents gave them, but they want you to buy them a new PS5. ‘Kunle do you have PS5 money?’

6.They lack respect

No one knowingly and unknowingly hurts your feelings like kids do. Well, except Yoruba men. Kids say things as they feel without sparing a thought, a very mean set of people. 

7.They cry for no reason

They soil themselves and start to cry like someone did the dirty work for them. They cry when they are sleepy too, instead of just closing their eyes and sleeping. Reason 1256816 why kids are proper bad vibes.

8.They grow so fast

They grow super fast, mostly because they’ve eaten all your food. You still have to be responsible for them regardless of  how fast they’ve grown.

9.They take over your life

Kids begging

Oops, you can’t have too much fun, you have to be back home to that child. You can’t even party too much or be out too long without thinking of your child. 

10.They only want to play

Kids dancing

Children don’t pay rent, don’t work, but are overall best at playing.

Final verdict: User interface A1 – User Experience F9


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