Nigerian photographers are definitely on the list of the most annoyed Nigerian demographic. Chances are you are probably guilty of at least one thing on this list. Read the list before you deny it.

1. “I know someone who can do it for cheaper price”.

zikoko- Nigerian photographers

Then why are we here, please? You brought me all the way to let me know that you have other options?

2. “Is it not just to take pictures?”

zikoko- Nigerian photographers

Again, why am i here?

3. “I can even take the pictures myself if you give me your camera”.

zikoko- Nigerian photographers

You know everything about camera settings, lighting and angles and you still brought me all the way?

4. “Your pictures are nice. Your camera must be sharp.”

zikoko- Nigerian photographers

This is like telling a hairdresser, “the braids are nice, your comb must be sharp”. Or telling a surgeon, the surgery was successful, “OR must have been well lit”. You get the drift?

5. “We have an event, please bring your camera along”

zikoko- Nigerian photographers

Are you inviting me as a guest or as the photographer covering your event? Make up your mind please. Party jollof will not pay my bills.

6. “Your price is too expensive. What are you even snapping that I can’t snap with my phone?”

zikoko- Nigerian photographers

Please go home and do it with your phone.

7. Interrupting the shoot every 5 seconds to inspect every picture taken.

Sit down one place please so the thunder coming to fire you will not miss road.

8. The harassment photographers get on the street.

Nigerians are always triggered. They see you walking down the street with a camera and they suddenly feel like you are paparazzi going after them to take shots of them for newspapers. How they dive into that singular conclusion is always a wonder.

9. Re-editing pictures with filter.

Are you Ok? Are you alright? You want to use phone filter to ruin an entire days work of Photoshop editing and navigation? Which kind of sorcery is this?

10. Rushing the photographer. 

They show up late and still have the nerve to do this.

That’s 10 of some annoying things Nigerian photographers have to deal with. If we missed anyone drop it in the comments section.

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