If you ever happen to have a Nigerian woman in your life who refuses to eat or can’t decide what to eat — which is almost every time — here are six tried and trusted ways to convince her. 

Bring the food directly in front of her 

You’re using the food to trap her in her seat or bed. By the time the only way she can move is to eat what’s in front of her, you won’t have to tell her twice. 

Eat beside her 

She don’t want her own, but knowing it belongs to you will make her want to eat. She’ll keep picking at your plate until she’s finished everything in it. 

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Pay her to eat 

One thing women love? Money.  I can’t believe we’ve gotten to a point where we have to pay women to take care of themselves, but here we are. 

Cook the food for

If she refuses to eat, remind her that you spent hours in the kitchen cooking for her. Don’t be above using guilt to get her to take care of herself better. So enter kitchen and start cooking. 

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Seize her coffee or tea

It’s become transactional. If she doesn’t eat, deny her access to her drinks. The love Nigerian woman have for those drinks will force her to eat, even if it’s a little. 

Gist her and just give her food 

There’s something about gist that makes a woman not even realise she’s eating. Just invite her over because you want to give her sweet gist, and be dumping the food into her lap. It’ll be gone before you know it. 

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