If you see any of these nine things in a car, your guess is correct: it’s a woman’s car. 

Lip gloss

Because Nigerian women can NEVER be caught with chapped lips. What is that? They have at least five lip glosses stored in various corners of the car: beneath the car seat, in the glove compartment, in the cupholder, etc. 


Fornication can happen at any time, and Nigerian women stay ready and protected all day, every day. We don’t want to hear any excuses. 

Ten pairs of extra shoes 

This usually includes shoes they’ve taken off at some point in the day to switch to slippers or another pair of shoes. You’ll be trying to sit in a Nigerian woman’s car and be struggling for space with her shoes. Why can’t you just take the shoes out of your car when you get home for God’s sake? Will you die? 

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Car phone holder

Nigerian women must drive and record themselves while driving. Always. We’re certainly not using the phone holder to hold our phones so we can look at Google Maps. Nigerian women don’t do well with reading map directions. The holder is simply so that they don’t hold the phones while driving and cause accidents. 

Old receipts and random papers 

If, by mistake, you open her glove compartment, a bunch of old receipts from all sorts of vendors will come falling out. I don’t know why they keep all these papers. Is it some sort of evidence? I guess what they say is true about women always having receipts.

Yoga mat

Yoga mats that have either never been touched. Nigerian women are consistently deceiving themselves about exercising. It’s okay dear, nobody is judging you. Leave the mat at home. The same goes for that gym bag you’ve been keeping in the boot. 


There’s always a box of tissues at the back of the car, just in case we need to break down and cry at any moment. As Nigerian women, we go through a lot in our day to day. The tears are expected please.

Extra clothes

Just in case they need to attend an event, a date, or just for a quick booty call after work. A Nigerian woman can never be caught unfresh. 

Random makeup kits

Nigerian women are steady running late, which causes them to always finish up their makeup in the car. That’s why you’ll find mascara, eye pencils, powder, and foundation lying about in the back seat of the car. 

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