Everyone is unique and has their own style, but I promise you, every Nigerian woman has these things in her apartment.

1. Plants 

Apparently, apart from diamonds, plants are also a girl’s best friend. And that’s why every Nigerian woman’s apartment looks like a mini version of the Amazon rainforest.

2. Sex toys

Because Nigerian women don’t joke with their orgasms

3. Skincare products

Nigerian women are skincare junkies by birth. Whether or not they naturally have clear skin is not important. You’ll go to their house and see skincare products fighting for space on their dressing tables. 

4. Souvenirs 

Go to the kitchen and pick a mug in a Nigerian woman’s house, I promise you’ll see “Congratulations Foluso & Amanda” or a plastic bowl that says “Mummy Chioma @ 60”. With the number of party souvenirs Nigerian women bring home, we’re beginning to suspect they do hustle for them primarily to decorate their homes. Why buy plates and mugs when you can get them for free at a Nigerian owambe?

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5. Takeaway packs 

There’s a cabinet you shouldn’t open in a Nigerian woman’s kitchen, and that’s because if you open it, a big mountain of plastic food packs from different types of food vendors will come falling down. It’s not news that Nigerian women don’t like cooking, especially not after they’ve had to do it for many years under the roof of their Nigerian parents.  

6. Men’s shirts

There’s something about women and collecting shirts from men. If you check a woman’s closet, we’re sure you’ll find a section filled with shirts and hoodies she has snatched from different men, from partners to family members to friends.

7. Book shelves

It doesn’t matter whether they enjoy reading or not. As long as the bookshelf is fine and contributes to the minimalist decor style, you’ll see it.

8. Raffia basket 

Either you find a big raffia basket, a raffia mat, a raffia handbag or a raffia hand fan laying somewhere in a Nigerian woman’s house. The connection between Nigerian women and raffia needs to be studied deeply. Is there something we don’t know that they know? Is there a war coming soon and is raffia the weapon we need?

9. Full-length mirror

A full-length mirror is the first thing a Nigerian woman buys for her apartment.. Nothing else matters until there’s a full-length mirror in the house.

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