Being tall means you always automatically stand out. This could be a good or bad thing depending on the circumstances. Here are 9 different times when it’s kinda annoying:

1. Shoe size.

All the fine shoes come in smaller sizes. Do they think tall women don’t deserve fine shoes?

2. Clothes being too small.

Tops become automatic crop tops, sleeves are never long enough, trousers are always a bit too short, midi length skirts are just normal lengths, short skirts are just too short. The struggle runs deep and wide.

3. Tables/desks are always too low.

They be looking like mini cages hooking your legs.

4. No leg room in cars or on planes. 

Car and plane sits are always a trap and always uncomfortable because of the small leg space.

5. Always going to the back during group pictures so you end up not really showing.

As if you asked everyone else to be shorter than you. At the end of the shoot the only thing you will see of yourself is your head in the picture, like your clothes don’t matter.

6. Showerheads almost touching your head. 

So you can’t even form romantic in the shower because the shower head is basically knocking your head.

7. Short men everywhere.

zikoko - Struggles Tall Nigerian Women Know

When you are 6’0 everyone is automatically short.

8. People asking if you play sports. 

zikoko - Struggles Tall Nigerian Women Know

Talmabout, you must be a basketball player. Fam please, I can barely make it up a flight of stairs without taking water breaks in between, let’s be guided.

9. Back pain. 

zikoko - Struggles Tall Nigerian Women Know

The same nature that gave you the height will keep punishing you for it with chronic back pains. This life no balance at all.

If you can’t relate to this list because your height category is somewhere below 4’9 we know what you go through too: here’s a list for you.



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