Baby fever is ravaging the community, and we’ve found the cure. Here are eight things you can do when you’re consumed by baby fever.

1) Look at your account balance

While you’re craving a child and imagining how you’d make a great mother, why not take a peek at your account balance. Does it make you happy? Is there a lot of money in it? Does it spark joy? There’s nothing like reminding yourself you’re broke to flush the fever out from your body. 

2) Take a malaria test 

One very common symptom of malaria is fever. It might not even be baby fever that’s dealing with you. What if it’s fever induced hallucinations? Better go to the hospital. 

3) Re-evaluate the state of your life 

Are you happy with your life? Happy enough to bring another person into it? Therapy may be what you need, not a child. 

4) Google the price of diapers 

If this isn’t enough to reset your brain, then there’s no saving you. We’ve lost you to the people pushing the children agenda. Diapers are costing ₦5k upwards and those little terrorists children are running through packs in a day. Do you want to wreck yourself? 

5) Remind yourself they’re stuck with you 

From the moment you bring these tiny terrorists into the world, they’re stuck with you till you leave. Are you ready for that kind of responsibility? 

6) Watch childbirth videos 

Refresh your memory on what it’ll cost you to get you what you want. Then refresh your memory by also checking out these tweets that act like free birth control and will provide enough fear to chase away baby fever 

7) Drink water and sleep 

Sometimes you’re feeling like this as a result of stress. Drink some water and sleep so your brain can recalibrate. 

8) is Check your cycle 

You may be ovulating, and we all know that ovulation has only one goal, and that’s to impregnate you. If you find out you’re ovulating, just let it pass. The repercussions of one ovulation will stay with you for the rest of your life. Are you ready?




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