They say that one of the strongest things in the world is the prayer of a mother. However, there are some things greater. Here are nine things the prayer of a mother can’t stop.

1) The wickedness of an Igbo woman

Come rain, come sun, an Igbo woman will always be wicked. If your mother likes, she should have God’s direct phone number, this phenomenon will never stop. You just have to learn to embrace it.

2) Surge

There are two things that you are 100% sure will happen. The first is that Nigeria will think of a new way to frustrate you, and the second is that there will be a surge when you want to order a ride. Mothers should not even bother praying for the surge to stop because it is one of the many principalities and powers we can never win against.


3) The rise of dollar

It seems as if whatever powers are working to keep the dollar rate very high is winning this spiritual battle against prayerful mothers. Every two to three business days there’s some increase in the exchange rate. At this point, maybe there is a sacrifice we are to make so it will stop.

4) The lies of a Yoruba man

Your mother might be praying for you in her house, but that Femi is on the phone whispering lies into your ear. Maybe it’s because mother’s are not specific enough with their prayers? Maybe next time they should call the men’s names and PRAY.

5) Lekki floods

Maybe because the marine spirits in Lekki are stronger than our mother’s prayers, that’s why. So long as rain falls, Lekki will flood. Why? Because praying mothers will not create a functional drainage system.

black woman sighs

6) Lagos traffic

Another principality that praying mothers can never end is Lagos traffic. In fact, it seems as though some of them have their prayer sessions while stuck in traffic.

7) Getting your heart broken

All of us will chop this breakfast of heart break together, and nothing will stop it. No matter how many prayers are uttered on your behalf, your heart will be broken. The only thing your mother’s prayers can do is either delay it or soften the blow.

8) Zikoko’s amazing content

Nothing on this Earth we all inhabit can stop Zikoko from giving you the best content. From our accurate quizzes to out stories of money, relationships, life as a woman, leaving Nigeria, navigating Nigeria, what it’s like being a man, and what is really inside this life. We will make you laugh, cry, and go “God when”, and nothing can stop us. Not even our CEO.

9) IJGBs

Nothing can stop IJGBs from coming back. Even in 2020 with Corona virus, they came back. What makes you then think that mother’s prayers can stop them? All you can do is just prepare yourself for their inevitable return.



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