“Classy” and “trashy” have suddenly become defined by gender. Here are 7 times when this paradigm shift happens.

1. Shot shooting.

It’s gentlemanly when a man shoots his shot but if a woman does it then she is desperate.

2. Body count.

A man’s body count could be as long as his account number but a woman’s body count shouldn’t be more than 3. If it’s more than 3 then who will marry her?

2. Arrogance.

When a man is arrogant he is confident but when a woman moves the same way she is rude and should learn to be humble.

3. Flirting.

zikoko - Trashy For Nigerian Women

A man who flirts is a confident alpha male but a woman who does it is trashy. The man is suave and should probably host a masterclass for other men but the woman who does the same needs to change her ways so she can find a husband to honor her.

4. Actual hoeing.

zikoko - Trashy For Nigerian Women

A man who has multiple sexual partners is adventurous and a “lady’s man” but a woman who does same is a whore and she had better repent before she catches HIV/AIDS.

5. Baby mamas.

zikoko - Trashy For Nigerian Women

A man can have as many baby mamas as he wants and still be respected. But if a woman dares be a single mother society will judge her to death. She will be constantly reminded that any man who chooses to be with her is settling for less. But a man with 4 baby mamas will remain a catch.

6. Road rage.

zikoko - Trashy For Nigerian Women

A man can curse out all he wants on the road and it will be interpreted as him being macho and alpha but if a woman does it she is being rude and unnecessarily emotional.

7. Ambition.

zikoko - Trashy For Nigerian Women

An ambitious man is respected and admired but an ambitious woman must be reminded at least twice a day that her time is going and she had better get married and start producing children.

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