Finding someone of the same sex attractive is more common than you think. More often than not, we get curious enough to explore that option Today, 6 Nigerian women share their first time experience with a woman.

1. Favour, 20/ Lesbian

It was in secondary school. The first time I noticed her laugh, I felt warmth in my belly. It was love at first sight. Before that day, I had never seen her before and it was largely because she sat at the back with her clique. That week, 2 seniors got expelled from school for lesbianism. I took it as a sign, I did everything I could think of to stifle my feelings, even got the lord involved trying to pray the gay away. I eventually told her how I felt. We kissed the following year but she eventually left me because she couldn’t imagine a life with me and couldn’t risk losing 14 years for what we had.

Priscilla, 34/ Bisexual

When I got into university, I saw a lot of girls loving other girls openly. Honestly, I got very curious about how it feels to love a woman. Then, I met one babe and I knew I liked her more than a friend. We spent a lot of time together and there are times that she’d undress in front of me and I’d feel like jumping her. One day, I spent the night at hers and our bodies touched. It felt electric. Next thing you know we are going at each other and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I’m bi now because of her. Haha.

Happiness, 23/ Straight

I was very young and super curious. It was very awkward at first. I didn’t know what I was supposed to feel or do. I decided to use my small existing knowledge from Harlequin novels. Ended up just kissing her, pressing her breast and trying to find her womanly “essence”. Haha. I hate Harlequin books

, so misleading. But as I grew older, I had this babe hit on me and we made out. I was so excited. We made out, she knew exactly what she was doing. She gave me an orgasm so intense I thought I died.

Mary, 22/ Bisexual

In 2016, I met a woman at the club. She walked up to me and told me she likes me. It was so weird because I never thought I’d be into girls. I was feeling very adventurous so we danced, got very drunk and stepped out of the club. That was when we started kissing. It was divine. The experience was so amazing. I felt like the scales had fallen from my eyes. Women are so soft and feel so nice. She made me aware of my sexuality and four years down the line, I still randomly think about her. 

Chika, 19/ Bisexual

I went to an all-girls secondary school, that was where I met this tomboy. She was tall, very beautiful, whenever I saw her and my body would become so aware which was strange cause I never spoke to her. I had a massive crush on her. When I eventually told her, I was very nervous. Turns out she liked me too. We ended up making out and I got to touch her butt. It was super soft. I would highly recommend it.

Anita, 28/ Straight

The first time ever was with a friend and it was a three-way with an older man. The man was my friend’s sugar daddy and he promised her a lot of money if she could get me in the mix. I was very reluctant but when she told me how much he was willing to pay, I started thinking of all the styles I could pull off. The experience was short because the man came after watching my friend and I kiss and touch each other. I think I liked it but the money made it better.

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