Love Life is a Zikoko weekly series about love, relationships, situationships, entanglements and everything in between.

Even though the series has only existed for a few months, writing Love Life has been one of the highlights of my year. From talking to couples to telling their stories, it has been nothing short of exciting.

Every Love Life story has managed to spark conversations online and that, for me, is a win. As the year ends today, I’d like to share 5 of the most-read (and listened to) Love Life stories to date.

1. I Still Can’t Believe He’s Gone

derin and oke love

Derin, 21, and Oke, 21, had been together for a little over a year before Oke’s tragic death cut their love story short. For this Love Life, Derin talks about how they went from best friends to lovers, and all the plans they had for their future together.

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2. We Met On Twitter, But I Already Had A Boyfriend

met on Twitter

*Kola, 28, and *Cynthia, 27, have been dating for almost six years now. For this Love Life, they talk about finding each other on Twitter, navigating an already-existing relationship, and why they are still yet to have their first major fight.

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3. How Another Woman Almost Ruined Us

love life in Nigeria

*Ginika, 25, and *Jude, 28, have known each other since 2017 and been in a relationship since 2018. For this Love Life, they talk about handling infidelity in their relationship and reaching a compromise in their disagreements.

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4. His Ex-Fiancee Felt Like The Second Wife

Love life in Nigeria

*Yinka, 31, and *Kayode, 32, have known each other for 13 years and have been married for months. For this Love Life, they talk about moving on from an ex, setting boundaries and living in different timezones. 

Read it here.

5. We Were Scared Of Going From Best Friends To Lovers

*Jemimah, 26, and *Nelson, 26, have known each other since 2017, but they only started dating in 2019. For this Love Life, they talk about loving each other while being platonic friends and how scared they were of becoming a couple.

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