It’s 2024, and while the girlies seem to be moving towards knotless French curls and micro kinky braids, we bring you 20 reasons why Ghana weaving should be at the top of your protective style list.

What do Ghana weaving styles look like?

Also called Ghana Braids, this style is a type of cornrow braiding that originated in Ghana. They require hair extensions and are usually braided straight back to achieve the signature dense look.

ghana weaving

Image: @_jkimble on Instagram

Here are 20 of the hottest Ghana weaving styles you can easily recreate.

Braids in a high ponytail

ghana weaving braids in a high ponytail

Ghana braids ponytail. Image: Maboplus

If you love ponytails, this is perfect for you. You can switch this sleek high ponytail look up by braiding the ponytail into one large braid.

Micro Ghana weaving

micro ghana weaving

Image: Kanyinz Blog

This look might have you spending more time at the hairdresser’s, but if style longevity is what you seek, try the micro-sized braids. Micro styles also offer versatility. 

Criss-cross Ghana braids

criss-cross Ghana braids

Image: iamcreation_of_beautyyy on Instagram

For when you want to add a twist to the simple all-back braids.

Ghana braids with curls

ghana braids with curls


You can make the ends curly or add curly extensions between each cornrow. Doesn’t this just make you want to weave your hair too?

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Ghana weaving up-do (or shuku)

ghana weaving up-do


Because a stylish up-do will always work.

Fulani-style braids

fulani ghana braids

Image: stylecraze

If there were such a thing as a Ghana weaving constitution, it’d say this look isn’t complete without cowrie beads or some other local hair accessory.

Large Ghana braids

large ghana weaving braids


You don’t have to spend hours styling this, and it’s stunning too. Classic win-win.

Double ponytails

ghana weaving double ponytail braids

Image: Dailyhindnews

Channel 90s chic with this youthful double ponytail look. It also works with short braids.

Ghana weaving with beads

ghana weaving with beads

Image: ThriveNaija

For when you want to add a little razzle-dazzle.

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Braided bun

ghana weaving braided bun

Image: Hairmotive

The length of the braids will determine how full the bun will be. The longer the braids, the thicker the bun.

Side-swept Ghana braids

side-swept ghana braids


Why stick to a simple all-back look when you can try this side-swept beauty too? Again, this works for short and long braids.

Ghana braids with wavy partings

ghana braids with wavy parting

Image: braidsby_veronica on Instagram

One thing’s for sure; you’ll stand out with these wavy partings. They’re less common than the standard straight partings. And you don’t need to think too much about styling options because the partings are a whole lewk by themselves.

Half-up braids

half-up ghana weaving braids

Image: Israel Ribeiro

Save time by braiding only half of your hair and leaving the rest either as a curly or straight afro.

Braided bob

braided ghana weaving bob

Image: Futibraids on Instagram

Not every time long braids, sometimes go short. This look is pretty straightforward, but definitely not boring. You can experiment with different colours, plus it’s really easy to style.

Jumbo feed-in braids

jumbo feed-in ghana braids

Image: Tantalstyles

For when you’re in the mood for a simple, no-frills look.

High curly bun

high curly bun

Image: Ghanabraidstyles

After styling your braids in a basic high bun, crochet in some curly extensions to add a twist. 

Ghana stitch braids

ghana stitch braids

Image: Savs styles

You can’t go wrong with classic stitch braids. You can style this look into a low bun or with the ends braided together into a single ponytail.

Ghana weaving with face-framing braids

ghana weaving with face-framing braids

Image: Gbemzy beauty

For the babes with exotic foreheads who swear by face-framing styles.

Mohawk braids

Mohawk braids

Image: Black hair ideas

This style works great for a bold look. You can style the mohawk into an afro if you prefer a shorter style.

Half-up braids and bun

half-up braids and bun

Image: Pearl the stylist

For when you want to give your half-up braid style a different look. This works great for fun, casual settings.

Zig-zag braids

Zig-zag Ghana braids

I know what you’re thinking; zig-zags are so 2010. But if fashion can go back to the days of belt-sized skirts and small handbags, why can’t this style make a comeback?

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