As a babe that absolutely loves knotless braids, it tends to feel like a waste of beauty when I just keep my braids in one or two styles for the entire duration I have them because, laziness. I did some research on how to style knotless braids and believe me when I say your style game is about to be elevated.

High bun with a side sweep

This style works great for when you have long braids, but the heat isn’t smiling at all. It’s easy too; just pack your hair in a regular bun, but leave out some braids in the front so you can sweep them to the side to add to the bun.

Image source: ariyohairr

Halfway double buns

For when you want to show everyone you took Beyoncé’s ALIEN SUPERSTAR to heart. For this style, part your braids into two horizontal halves, let the lower half flow free and then style the upper half into two buns.

Image source: daniisworld

Halfway double pigtails

If you think the halfway double bun is too dramatic, then you can just leave the buns as pigtails. Leave out one braid from each pigtail for a bonus look.

Image source: Symphanisoto 

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Half up bun

This look legit gives Fulani princess vibes. To style this, part your hair in two horizontal halves and style the top half into a tight bun.

Image source: Jamilaxamal

Good ol’ high ponytail

Because laziness will always win. It’s a cute style so why not? Pop out your scrunchie and pain relievers (to handle the inevitable headache this style will cause) and you’re good to go.

Image source: Modelesque Nic

Side part

For when you want to rock your braids just as they are. This style works for a fun girls’ night out or when you just want to let loose.

Image source: Hottest haircuts

Beaded braids

Beads always work. For best results, use them with short to medium braids.

Image source: Black beauty bombshells

Side ponytail

This is styled like a regular ponytail, but just to the side.

Image source: Beauty by lau

Low bun

This style works with medium or long braids. Pack your hair close to the nape of your neck, style it into a bun and you’re done.

Image source: Britnee Dolce

Side braid

Add a new twist to the side part hairstyle by creating a simple side braid for a stylish, chic look.

Image source: Unprocessed lifestyle

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