As a Nigerian babe with a forehead that looks like it’s my brain’s headquarters, this article was necessary. Because I’m tired of running away from ponytails just because I fear my forehead will steal all the attention.

So, fellow forehead geng, I gat you. These are the best ponytail styles to rock.

Good ol’ bangs

Yes, I know. We’ve been there, done that and have the receipts. But bangs are just like your first ex. You’re tired of them, but you still find yourself going back. It’s worth it because it completely covers the forehead, if that’s what you’re going for.

Image source: Beahairs

The side swoop

For when you want to show off your exotic forehead, but also don’t want it to steal all the attention.

Image source: Honey bramble

Messy updo

The idea is to do styles that work for your face, not completely hide your gorgeous forehead. And this style just works — you get to stylishly draw attention away from your head, and get a cute style too.

Image source: Riri baby

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Mohawk ponytails

One word — stunning. I think mohawk styles allow you embrace your exotic — whatever that means.

Image source: Latest hairstyles

Ponytails with exaggerated edges

Why be simple when you can be extra and fabulous?

Image source: Iconic fingerz

Any damn ponytail you want

Because you should absolutely flaunt your forehead anytime you want. Hide it or not, it’s up to you, boo.

Image source: The right hairstyles

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