If you were outside your house (or maybe even inside) during Detty December 2022, you must’ve seen the knotless French curls sitting on someone’s head and parading around town. 

French curls were at every house and beach party, club and traffic from Victoria Island to VGC. But if you thought it was just hair for December rocks, think again because we’re two months into 2023, and the girlies have refused to let the style go. 

Curious, I caught up with some French curl baddies, and they gave us the lowdown on why this hairstyle is their new fave. 

But before we get into it, shoutout to the OG French curl icon, Brandy AKA Miss Moesha Mitchell.

“I feel like a baddie with French curls” 

— Vanessa 

I got my French curls done in January when I was visiting Nigeria. I didn’t want basic knotless braids, so I looked for options on Pinterest before I found these curls that added an extra oomph. I used one pack of extensions, and everything, including the braiding, cost ₦‎15k in Abuja. Thanks to PHCN wahala, it took them six whole hours to finish braiding it. 

I’m actually having the best time with my French curls because they’re incredibly versatile. I’m doing up-dos and clip styles. I feel like such a baddie (which I am) with them. 

“I saw it on Ayra Star, so I knew I had to get  them”

— Oro

The first time I saw French curl braids was on social media in 2021, but it wasn’t until Ayra Starr started doing that different versions started flooding my Instagram TL. She made the hair famous, no cap. When I wanted to get mine done, I heard some people paid ₦‎4k per bundle for the attachment. I have a big head and full hair, so omo, that was a no for me. I eventually found these Darling extensions for about ₦‎7k total and got my braids done for ₦‎5k in Warri. 

The French curls were cute at first, but over time, they got tangled, and it was a hassle trying to keep them apart. I doubt it’ll still be popular by December 2023. Remember when everyone was drawing hearts with their braids? We move on fast. 

“I typically wear braids for three weeks, but my French curls lasted for a whole month” 

— Ngozi 

I’ve done the layered version of the French curls twice — once in December and the other in January. I like messy hair and volume; this hairstyle gave me both at the same time. I also didn’t have to style my hair all the time, and as a lazy person, I appreciated that. 

It took an average of eight hours to get it done because it was just one person braiding my hair. It was cheap at around ₦10 – 12k for the braiding and extensions because I made it in Apapa. I typically wear braids for three weeks, but I had it on for a month and got another one in a different colour as soon as I took it out. I’ve shaved my hair now, but I’d still do it again if I grow my hair out, even if it’s no longer popping. I stick to things a lot. 

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“Getting French curls took 10 hours and cost me ₦‎45k”

— Toju

I’ve only done the French curls once, and what won me over with the hairstyle was the bounce because I usually don’t like braids. I chose a shade of blonde that complimented my dark skin.  For the braiding, I went to a salon in Lagos where it cost about ₦‎45k and took almost 6 hours to get it done.

I feel French curls will still be a hot trend next year because it’s really pretty. 

“I can style them in so many different ways” 

— Kulupsy 

My friend was the first person I saw French curls on, and I thought it looked gorgeous, so I decided to get them too. Choosing the colour was the interesting part because there were many options. I had to find one that would match my skin and still pop, so I went with a mix of blonde, brown and black. Making the hair took about three hours and cost ₦‎35k at some salon my friend recommended. 

I love how French curls look on me and how I can style them in a double bun or a mid-part. The style might go out of fashion before the next Detty December, but I have a feeling the attachment won’t go anywhere. It’s so soft.

“Regular box braids don’t look good on me, so I’m ready to try French curls” 

— Gift

I haven’t gotten the French curls yet, but it’s the next hairstyle I’m trying. I saw it on this fine babe on Twitter, and I know shoulder-length curls suit my face. Regular box braids don’t work for me, so why not? I got the bundle for ₦‎3k, and the braiding will cost me ₦‎12 – 15k, depending on how tiny the braids are. That’s Lekki price sha. I could find a trenches salon that’ll do it for less, but I’m tender-headed and working from home, so I need some order in whichever salon I go to. 

“French curls are comfortable and stylish enough for me to take on my trips” 

— Simi

I’ve gotten French curls twice now — the first time was in 2021 and again in 2022. I saw it on Instagram and liked how light it looked on the girl who was wearing it. Then I did it the second time because I was travelling and wanted something comfortable and stylish to travel with. 

Brown is my go-to colour for braids because it works with my skin tone. I’m not adventurous, but I want to change that, so I might go blonde or try grey the next time I make French curls. 

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