Bobrisky’s Birthday Party Has Us Wishing We Did Mogbo Moya

September 1, 2016
First of all, we are so pained that nobody reminded us yesterday was the day we’ve all been waiting for! For those that are not aware, yesterday was Bobrisky’s birthday, and it was celebrated at Escape Nightclub. Bobrisky is one of the most popular Nigerians on Snapchat. See all the action that went down at the party sha.

1. Can your makeup ever be as ‘on-fleek’ as this ?

2. Just look at all the shine-shine on this golden shoe!

3. We are too in love with this glittery outfit.

4. And Bob slayed us in another popping onesie.

5. Our hearts can only take so much glam from one person.

6. Some people are speculating as to where Bobrisky got all the outfit inspiration from.

7. Bobrisky even slayed on the birthday cake. So painful we didn’t get to taste it.

8. Even when the party moved to the club, nobody could still call to give us simple reminder hian!

9. Apparently drinks were flowing but nobody wanted to share with us.

We have polished our shoes and are getting ready for Bobrisky’s birthday next year; invite or no invite, you will see us there live!!!

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