In case you just got back from Mars, the USA Presidential Debates kicked off at New York’s Hofstra University yesterday, and it was one tense moment! Republican candidate Donald Trump, who is widely known for his aggressive approach towards well, everything, was on the attack against Hilary Clinton, the Democratic candidate. Polls show Clinton is currently ahead of Trump, and financial markets are cheering her for the victory. Nigerians even stayed up to watch the show, and apparently, a few people took notes.

1. First of all, we are very surprised Nigerians actually stayed up to watch the debate.

2. This person was just awed at the technology that was used; should Nigerians look forward to this at the 2019 polls?

3. To be very honest, we need to demand more from political aspirants.

4. Even though we let the last Nigerian presidential debates slip, it really should not happen again.

5. This person was just here to drag Trump sha, even though we should be dragging the cheats in our own backyard.

6. And one more person hates Donald Trump.

7. It appears the US Presidential elections will set the tone for the polls in 2019.

8. And all institutions must be ready to participate, even our universities.

If you’ve not seen the Debate, let’s bless you with this.



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