1. Interesting things happen in Nollywood.

2. Nothing is impossible for Nollywood ghosts.

3. Ghosts will even be asking ordinary human beings questions.

4. In Nollywood, bullets enter the body through one place, and come out from another.

5. How can a vigin be disvirgined again biko?

6. Even unborn children can stand and sit in the womb anyhow.

7. In Nollywood, the blind can kuku see.

8. And cats have 1000 and 1 lives!

9. Nollywood fashion will burst your head.

10. Nobody is too old for school in Nollywood.

11. Nollywood movies will teach you how to catch a girlfriend that is not your mate.

12. And even thieves have home training in Nollywood.

13. Only in Nollywood will ‘witchcraft’ and ‘glory’ go together.

14. In fact, in Nollywood, Jesus has come back to life already!



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