So it was Nigerian music legend, King Sunny Ade’s birthday recently, and former vice president and presidential aspirant Atiku Abubakar wished him a happy one on Twitter.

Uncle Atiku even shared a throwback picture of himself in his groovy days.

So Daddy Atiku was a baby boy back then?

1. As you know, Nigerian Twitter had to chook mouth. This person thinks the picture is why he should be the next president.

2. This person perfectly captures our reaction to the picture *hail!*

3. Didn’t we just say he was a baby boy? This person agrees.

4. This person speaks for all of us in this recession.

5. Daddy Atiku must have been on high demand with the girls back then.

6. But some people were only there to drag sha.

7. And this very subtle bashing about oga Atiku’s physique.

What do you think of this epic throwback?



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