Welcome to this Episode of “This is Nigeria”. Today, we would be placing our focus on our Minister of Finance.

Mrs. Kemi Adeosun

For those who aren’t Nigerians. Let me quickly explain something to you. There is a program called NYSC.

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)

In Nigeria, after your university education, it is mandatory that you serve your country through this said program.

Without doing this program, you won’t be qualified to get a job or run for political posts.

Now, let me give you a brief history on our Minister of Finance just before we connect the dots to this story.

She went to school in the Polytechnic of East London where she graduated at the age of 22.

She didn’t move back to Nigeria immediately, so obviously she couldn’t serve her country immediately.

Oh, I forgot to mention that as long as you graduate before 30 you are mandated to serve at any time.

She got a job after graduating and changed jobs over 5 times from 1989 when she graduated up until 2000.

Wow, she must be really hardworking.

She moved back to Nigeria in 2002 when she got offered a job in a private company. Finally, she gets a chance to serve her fatherland.

But no, she came back and didn’t partake in the program.

Her career skyrocketed to the point where she became Nigeria’s Minister of Finance.

Such goals!

Nigerians have ears everywhere and know everything. I promise you. Because they were able to dig out the fact that Mrs. Adeosun never served Nigeria.

But she is serving as the Minister of Finance? How?

For some reason, she has a certificate. And a lot of people have come to the conclusion that its a fake one.

At least until Mrs. Kemi can prove otherwise.

Its very important to talk about it because the average Nigerian can’t get a job without having done NYSC.

And you can even face jail time for not participating in this program. It’s that important.

With all of this in mind, I just want you to know that there is a high possibility our Minister of Finance did not serve her fatherland.

But no worries, once she speaks up about it. I’d let you know.


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