My parents are quite strict, so when I got to University I decided to really enjoy myself!

Time to let loose!

Going out late.

Fun times.

Eating what I liked when I liked.

Sweet food!

One day, one fine 300 level guy I had become friendly with asked me out.

Fine boy!

Me, on the outside:

Cool. Calm. Collected.

Me, on the inside:


The day of the date I was so excited.

So excited!

I wore my favourite dress, highest shoes and looked like a bad ass.

Really feeling myself!

Everything was going great; the conversation, the ambience.

This is excellent!

After a while the waiter started walking towards us with our food.


Out of nowhere, this man tripped!


And I was covered in a shower of rice and stew, plantain and chapman.

I was wearing what I was supposed to eat.

My date had a blank stare on his face for about 3 seconds.

“What just happened?”

Then he started laughing!

Oh my God!

I was so embarrassed! And I think 2 grains of rice were stuck in my false eyelashes

Let the floor swallow me please. Its better!

I almost started crying but I had to hold it all in.

As per form big girl.

I didn’t even get a kiss goodbye from my date!

So I will stain his outfit with stew abi? No way oh!

Me whenever my friends suggest we go back to that restaurant:

So my shame can be complete abi? Useless people


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