It’s a very sad time on the streets of Nigeria. The roads are silent because the people are quiet.

There is increased tension in the air.

On the 28th of June 2018, in Berger, Lagos, a moving petrol tanker caught fire.

This was due to a brake failure.

The fire outbreak not only affected the tanker.

A large number of cars went down with the tanker.

While some people tried to call for help or jump out as soon as they could.

A lot of lives were lost.

This incident happening just a few days after the Ojuelegba tragedy and the loss of lives in Plateau makes the entire country wonder.

As it can not be asked enough

The Lagos state Government responded to this issue as soon as they could.

But they weren’t fast enough

Situations like this make us question our government even more. Do they really know what the country needs or what’s best for us?

In states like Pennsylvania, these things exist. Why are the vital things not top priority?

An emergency unit should be close to every terminal in a city.

To avoid worst case scenario’s like this.

The whole of Lagos was halted as everywhere was traffic jammed. A lot of us took this opportunity to say a prayer or two for those who passed away.

We hope their hearts light up the Heavens.

And to the families and friends of those affected, our hearts are with you.

We hope you find peace that surpasses everything.

And while we pray, we need to work together to improve our standard of living, and remember to do a very important thing.

Which starts with getting your PVC or finding out how to get it here.

Please note.



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