A musician and politician are similar in many ways. You need to stay relevant, remain popular, and keep dropping hot content for the public. We imagined the kind of music careers some notable Nigerian politicians would have and it’s hilarious.

Bola Tinubu 

He’d be Jay Z, dropping evergreen one-liners that no one understands but he’d still have millions of fans anyway. We think he should just quit music altogether but what do we know?

Nyesom Wike 

This man is Kanye West with a Nigerian passport. He wastes no time publicly calling out anybody that vexes him, or anyone he just doesn’t like. If you stress him, he’ll call you out and you’ll hate yourself. He always drops bangers though, and no one can do him anyhow.

Atiku Abubakar

He’s had the longest run as an upcoming artist, no contest. We admire his determination but at this point, he should just rest. Try your hand at something else, bro.

Peter Obi

He’s one of those artists that come out of nowhere and make a few hit songs from a little-known label. Then they clench the title of “Next Rated Artist” and make the already-blown artistes shit their pants. He’s the subject of a lot of diss tracks but that’s none of his business.

Muhammadu Buhari

He might as well be a ghost worker in the music industry because nobody sees him or hears anything from him. But when he decides to go on tour? He ignores his fanbase. But his die-hard stans keep making excuses for him.

Dino Melaye

He likes to think he’s an artist when he’s really just a hypeman. He’s the politics version of Toby Shang, no shade intended. He even has all the supercars to make himself look the part but, if it didn’t dey, then it didn’t dey.

Lai Mohammed

His entire discography is full of cap, and it makes you wonder what else he’s hiding. If fake-it-till-you-make-it were to be a person.

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