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A few religious leaders have spoken out in support of the #EndSARS movement since the peaceful protests started over a week ago.

However, there are still many others who have been silent. People with large followings who seemingly haven’t heard or don’t care about the movement. So if your religious leader hasn’t taken a side, here are a few ways to get their attention.

1) Spam their social media accounts.

Most religious organisations and their leaders have social media accounts that they use to tweet prophecies and stuff like that. Spam the accounts with little explainers of the movement. Don’t forget to use the #EndSARS hashtag.

2) Spam all the religious group chats you’re in.

We know that certain groups have told their members not to get involved because “it’s yahoo-yahoo people that are protesting”. Educate them on why that’s a lie with plenty easy-to-understand broadcast messages and infographics before the moderators kick you out.

3) Protest in front of the place of worship.

Peacefully and quietly.

4) Protest inside.

However you can. Remember, peacefully and quietly.

5) Educate your parents and relatives so they can educate their friends.

A lot of older people only know what they hear on the news (from compromised media houses) and each other. Let your parents and older relatives know, using proof from social media, what’s really going on out there. And tell them to spread the word with their acquaintances.

Editors Note: The previous version referred to only churches. This has been corrected.



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