Can we bend your ear for a minute? Have you nursed dreams of leaving the shores of the country to a place that ‘works’?

Perhaps the lure of fancy things like ‘stable electricity’ and ‘welfare programs’ has had you keeping long nights, studying for the IELTS, even though in your heart, you know Mrs. Ekanem knew what she was doing when she gave you that Best in English Language prize?

Maybe you’ve lost your weekends to language classes — slaving over French conjugations and trying to make sense of German capitalisations because you’re ready to risk it all for a chance at that Quebec stay or Merkel’s Germany?

Well, we’re going to go against the very essence of our beings and attempt to convince you to hold off on the classes and the grueling application procedures, to maybe give Nigeria a second chance. But we’re going to do it together, assessing the current systems in place to TRY TO UNDERSTAND IF YOUR REASONS FOR LEAVING ARE WORTHWHILE.

As it currently stands, the main reasons for Nigerian emigration stem from: the economy, security, better welfare, education and maybe tourism. We’ll attempt to break these down to understand if Nigeria’s situation is so bad, thousands and thousands of miles are necessary to keep you away:


Now, we all know Nigerian employers let their bias for international degrees show and a UK Masters degree is essential to progress as a Yoruba demon, but can we try to help you see reason in not travelling?

So what if Nigerian Universities are under resourced and Nigerian lecturers prefer their notes antiquated? At the last count, two Nigerian Universities – Covenant and The University of Lagos made it to the top 700 in the world.

What was that? You deserve only the best and no one remembers number 2, let alone number 689?

Well, at least we tried, go on and fill out that visa form.


Because we are honestly kind people at heart, if you’re looking to leave because of Nigeria’s economy, we won’t try to stop you. Any escape from the poverty capital of the world, currently boasting a double-digit unemployment rate (23.1%) is a welcome relief. Go on with your bad self.

Better Welfare

Let’s see – are power, pliable roads, a sympathetic police force, running water, working emergency systems, sturdy bridges, reliable power supply and a welfare system for the poor that inalienable, that you have to leave the country to feel like a loved citizen?

Okay, so maybe we have no point with this one.


Okay, it’s terrible that we have two known terrorist organisations currently ravaging the state, and it has happened more than once that school children were taken from their schools to fulfil a worrying agenda. Also, it maybe that your sons, brothers, nephews and maybe even you aren’t safe from trigger happy policemen.

…You know what, let us know how we can help you with that visa application form.

So, we’re admitting failure here. If you can escape, pick today to do so. Let no one try to put sand-sand in your garri. Unless of course, you have good reasons to stay, then please let us have them in the comments below.



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