Looking for ways to enhance the taste of your food? Well, look no further! With these six random items, the taste of your food will definitely improve. 

1) A plate that is also a bowl 

Eating food from a small plate with a deep center elevates the taste of any dish. Flat plates makes food bland.

2) Eating with a fork 

When you eat with a fork, you’ll take smaller portions into your mouth per time. That means you’ll  be able to savour every sensation and revel in every single flavour. You’re giving your tongue time to actually taste the food, unlike shoving everything down your throat with a spoon. 

3) Air Conditioner 

When the air from the air conditioner is cooling your brain, you can process the taste of food better. Imagine eating hot food in a hot room? Life no suppose hard like that.

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4) Money 

There’s this thing chefs do that they use gold when making their food. Since you don’t have gold, you can place stacks of dollars beside you while you eat.  With riches come more dignified taste and the ability to appreciate the finer things in life. 

5)  Eating from the pot 

If you don’t know where to get a bowl that is also a plate, then we suggest eating from the pot. Eating from the pot brings out the best part of the food, as you’ll feel closer to the flavours. Especially if it’s jollof rice. 

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6) Your enemies’ tears 

There’s no sweeter taste than the defeat of the people that conspired against you. Something about preparing your table in the presence of your enemies. But if you can go one step further to bottle the tears of your enemies and sprinkle them on the food you’re about to eat, expect a tantalising delicacy. 

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