You might think you’re surrounded by normal people until someone opens their mouth to say they like their food sizzling hot. That’s when you know that liars live amongst us. No one should like hot food, and we have reasons to back it up. 

1) You look like a dog when eating hot food 

When you’re eating hot food, you start moving your mouth like someone that has lost control of their tongue. Why? You’ll put food in your mouth and start doing hzhshzhzhshzhsshzhshss because the food is too hot for your mouth.  Even your body knows when to reject bad things. Listen to it. 

2) Why burn all the calories you’d get from the food by blowing on it? 

Sounds like a waste of time. All the calories you’d have gotten from the food, you blew them away. By the time you blow one spoon of rice fifteen times before shove it in your mouth, what’s left? 

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3) Eating hot food shows lack of patience 

Anyone that eats hot food doesn’t have patience. Why can’t they wait for the food to cool down? Has the food suddenly developed legs to run? 

4) You won’t enjoy the food 

You can’t even enjoy the food when it’s hot because you can’t taste anything. No flavour, no seasoning. Just heat and vibes. 

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5) You’ll burn your tongue

There are very few things as annoying as having a burnt tongue.  Can’t enjoy food for the rest of the day because your tongue will just feeling weird. 

6) Steam will nearly blind you 

You’re trying to eat but you can’t see because of all the steam from the food blurring your vision. If you now use glasses? Your own is finished. 

7) Hot food turns you to a dragon 

If you decide to be a bad guy and eat the food without blowing it, it’ll heat the inside of your chest and you’ll start bringing out smoke from your mouth. Is that the life you want? 

8) 60% food and 40% water 

Because of how hot the food is, you’ll have to drink plenty of  water to temper the heat. You’ll get full on time and your food will waste. In this economy? 

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