Today on the ranking menu, we have butter, jam, mayonnaise, peanut butter and chocolate. Which one comes first and which one comes last? Dig in to find out.

5. Jam.

This is highly nutritious and tasty, but it comes last for me. There’s something about its level of sweetness that I find… too sweet? I like it in doughnuts though. Very splendid.

4. Chocolate spread.

Chocolate spread is great, especially if you try it with toast bread or toast your bread with it. That’s why it ranks higher for me. The flavour it brings is, ugh, delightful.

3. Mayonnaise.

People who don’t like mayonnaise and bread, wetin dey happen? Mayonnaise has to be one of God’s greatest gift to man. Combined with bread, it’s heavenly. I bless the day I tasted that combo.

2. Peanut butter.

love this so much I’m tempted to put it first, but sadly, I can’t. Everything about peanut butter is great, but we have to be honest that it is not as versatile as butter. And that’s why this beauty sits at number two.

1. Butter.

The OG reclaims its spot. I think the fun thing is that butter is that spread we will always return to despite how much time we spend away from it. And I think that’s why it stays winning.

Bonus: Stew.

Say what you may, but bread and stew actually bangs. The real ones know this for sure.

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