What’s better than pepper? Nothing! This is why you should add a little pepper to your dining. At the end of this article, you’d find yourself thanking us—you’re welcome. 

Just add pepper


You mean people make pancakes without adding fresh pepper or even ata rodo to it? Are you a cultist?


Not liking plantain is a red flag — not just to me —but to members of the plantain secret cult. It specifically made this list because adding pepper is the only way I enjoy dodo. 

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Ice cream 

This can’t be the first time you’ve thought about it. Imagine a sprinkle of pepper to your ice cream’s cold, sugary taste. You won’t look at vanilla the same way again.


It beats me how you can decide to eat something so bland in the first place—toast bread, French toast, whatever name you and your family members know it by. But add ground pepper and watch it move from a five to a solid eight. 

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You better believe that pepper is one ingredient that separates Rosé from your Fourth Street or Four Cousins. 

Tip: One pinch should do the trick.


Rice has Nigerians in a chokehold, so why won’t you be open to trying new recipes? Add pepper to give it an extra zing.

Yes, we mean your white rice


Listen, too much sugar equals diabetes and nobody wants that. Why don’t you counterattack it with a little pepper here and there then? 

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